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By the technical definition of what a science is, no. It is not a science. But that does not mean it doesn't work. I have been a professional. For example, astrology proports to somehow influence a person's - a concept that has been thoroughly discredited. On the other hand, the real science of. Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and. At the end of the 17th century, new scientific concepts in astronomy and physics such as heliocentrism. Here is a page with lots of detail.

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RSS 2. GFBrandenburg's Blog Just a blog by a guy who's a retired math teacher. And did you know that the Zodiac has at least 15 constellations? Here is a slide so you can cut to the chase: what is your sign, really? Look for yourself: However, that had to be cut from my presentation because it was already too long. Like this: Like Loading Debate will follow.


I hope you realize that was all said with tongue firmly implanted in cheek? I do not know many girls who have not Danced or taken Martial arts. He might as well guessed she has a period once a month. Bonus Round 2! Try not to laugh… just kidding laugh as much as you want. He says this to the gray haired guy who is married to the older woman.

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An older guy might be well traveled and might have done a lot of things? Conclusion: This video shows the Forer Effect and Cold reading being used in an irresponsible way, which is for any reason other than Entertainment Purposes. It is painfully obvious what he is doing, and to think adults in still buy into this crap in modern countries shows how lacking our education system really is.

We need critical thinking classes for our youth so they do not grow up buying into these scams. Astrologers use the same techniques Psychics and Mediums use.

Fry & Laurie Visit James Randi

The difference is they try to inject a bit of science into their bullshit to make it appear legitimate. Basically he is practicing psychology without a license, though it is more like abusing psychology. If you spent years talking to people guessing what their issues are, you would get really good at it! To Mr. McCormack: I know this is an old post but I just stumbled upon it, anyhow I hope you do not get scammed or taken advantage of in the future.

There are a lot of Astrologers, Psychics, Mediums, Dowsers, and other con artists out there that would gladly take your money. Think critically and hold onto your wallet! Thanks so much for your skepticism. Vital and great. Your comments have much legitimacy. Indeed, it does not prove anything, but it is in its moment, statistically interesting. The odds of the results being more positive than negative at east as Shermer set the rules for ALL of the subjects, except the last two, that were switched, and then highly positive when switched back, is statistically interesting.

Even one of my scientist lab-coat friends said that it was, in the moment, statistically interesting. With a few other strengths it may show up as detailed or whatever. Good with cars is an extrapolation from that, I think.

James Randy Exposes Astrology (Seriouslyyyyy)

But thanks again. Now that, my friend, is pseudoscience that really packs a punch. I did address the two women who were switched which was taken by many as the most impressive part of the reading. This is explained rather easily. Also I agree, there are more pressing matters at hand than pseudoscience.

And again I appreciate your response. If anyone has the link, please post it. So why, if Vedic astrology is bunk, did Armstrong get so many hits? Why would they let something so wonderful wither away at the margins of society? Hey, why not? As long as they get a few spectacular hits from time to time, they get to play in the sandbox with the other boys and girls.

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  4. The result of the switch is more interesting, but part of it can be explained by the age and possibly location of birth. Is it repeatable? The Forer effect is very interesting, of course.

    Scientist who debunked astrology yahoo

    What makes this moment interesting, of course, is, as you have said, the switch. The Forer effect tells us the numbers should not have changed. That was the point of the Forer experiment. Even if it is pure chance, what was the chance of it happening only where it did? Everywhere else, Jeffrey Armstrong Foner phenomenon or not had above average success. Your final sentence is to me exactly correct, and fun. He is just guessing things based on the data he has.

    Oh no, there's been an error

    Instead of admitting that he is guessing these things he is claiming to get this information from the stars. Astrology is an unreliable tool for predicting future. Jeffrey Armstrong is interested in marketing ancient Indian mystical teachings and thus make money out it. I wonder if he can predict any future events accurately like marriage, birth of the child, death, accidents etc on particular date.

    I have had my astrological readings from well-known Vedic astrologers but none of what they predicted came true. If I say that these so-called Vedic astrologers are full of crap then that would be aptly appropriate based on my own person experience with multiple Vedic astrologers. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Anyway, read on. Or, put a completely different way by Richard Dawkins: …our own existence once presented the greatest of all mysteries, but that it is a mystery no longer because it is solved.

    Hm…uh…well, nonetheless, I have a soft spot for skeptics. The best of skeptics, indeed, could be called yogis in this path.

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